Our worship services will continue to be aired on Facebook Live, Livestream and uploaded to YouTube.  But note, worship live will move 15 minutes back to 10:30 am.
This will continue to be a great way to worship. We encourage you to stay home. If you choose to stay home, we honor your decision and affirm you are doing the right thing. You are very much a valued part of our church family. We will continue to be church together in a variety of meaningful ways.

If you choose to join us for
Sunday Outdoor Worship, here are those details:

  • Service begins at 11:30 am and will last no later than 12:15 pm. We ask that you arrive to the parking lot before 11:30 am so we may begin on time.
  • Volunteers will direct cars to their parking space. We want to allow at least six feet in between each car.
  • Cars will be parked in rows facing towards the pavilion.
  • Once parked you may join worship with one of these options.
  • OPTION 1: Remain in your car and listen through your car radio. There will be an FM transmitter. The radio station number is 91.3.
  • OPTION 2:You may remain in your car, roll down the windows and worship. We will have a sound system so that you will not need your radio.
  • We ask that you remain in your vehicle at all times to maintain proper social distancing. You may roll your windows down to ensure air flow.
  • OPTION 3:Bring a lawn chair or blankets to sit on the ground. For this option we ask that you remain seated, wear a mask and stay distanced at least six feet away.  
  • Please stay only with persons from the same household, whether you are sitting on the grounds or staying in your vehicle.
  • A record of your attendance will be taken for each service. We ask that you pre-registered online. If not, no problem. A volunteer will take attendance. This is a requirement to maintain attendance records in case someone tested positive for COVID-19. This record will be used to notify the local health department and our district superintendent of someone in attendance who tests positive for COVID-19. If a positive case is confirmed, we will contact our District Superintendent to discuss next steps. You will be contacted as well if you attended on that day.
  • When service is over, volunteers will direct you on how to exit the parking lot.
  • Drive-In Dinner Church: ON the Second and Fourth Sundays at 5:00 pm there will be Drive-In Dinner Church, which will follow the same plan as Drive-In Worship at 11:30 am.
  • At the end of Dinner Church you will drive to a station set up with tables, roll down your window, receive your pre-packaged meal, and exit the parking lot. Volunteers will instruct you on how to exit.


What You Need To Do:

Prayerfully consider your tolerance and risk factors for attending Drive-In worship. No one should feel pressured in returning to worship at this time. There are several media opportunities for anyone to join us in worship.
If you plan to attend Drive-In worship, help us by following these guidelines: 
Register online at our website. This will help us with parking and lawn seating. If you are not pre-registered, no problem! A volunteer will take your attendance once you arrive.    
Please wear a mask if you sit outside your vehicle. Participants older than 2 years old must wear a mask. If you forget, there will be masks available at the church. Adults who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons are encouraged to remain at home and join us online. 
Playground will remain closed.
Transportation will not be provided.
Restrooms will not be available unless there is an emergency. Volunteers will instruct you on entering the building.
Please plan to arrive at church a few minutes before worship begins. This will allow time for social distancing and attendance registration. You can also drop off your offering and pick up holy communion elements or other needed information.
Please plan to dismiss and leave promptly following worship. As much as we would all love to FELLOWSHIP, we are asking you to refrain from FELLOWSHIP at this time.


You have been in close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19.
You are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat.
You have had a fever within the last 48 hours.
You have had a recent loss of taste or smell.
You have had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 hours.


* We need your help to make our Outdoor Worship go smoothly. Patience and Flexibility are important. Worship will look different from the way it did in March. But remember that the way things are done as we re-open will not be the way it will always be. We will return to more normal patterns of worship as conditions allow. Our goal will be to expand worship services, small groups and other activities as we are able.


     We have an incredible opportunity to love one another in a new way during this season. God will bless our time together, whether we remain online at home or sit in our cars or in a lawn chair in the church parking lot. When we worship God, God is pleased. 

Sign up for Worship

Worship Service 


  • 11:30 am Outdoor Worship

  • 5:00 pm Drive-In Dinner Church on the 2nd and 4th Sundays

If you plan to join us for any of Sunday Outdoor Worship Services, please sign up in advanced.  Each person attending must sign up here using the form to the right or bring an index card with their name printed with phone number and email address.  

* Due to COVID19 restrictions, we will not be providing any cards or pens to write with.