Spiritual Growth


Bible Study


We believe worship is vital to our spiritual health.  Our weekly worship service allows us to praise God, connect with our community, and renew our faith.

​Our worship services include a variety of elements to help you draw closer to God.  We sing praise songs, as well as hymns.  We use creeds and other liturgy to connect us to our Christian tradition.  The altar at New Life is always open when you wish to kneel before God in prayer.

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  All people who believe in Jesus Christ and who are in need of God's grace are invited to the communion table.

​​​Sunday School (Zoom class & in-person) - 9:30 am

Sunday Worship (Online & In Person) - 10:30 am

Sunday Outdoor Worship  - 11:30 am

​Drive-in Church - 2nd & 4th Sundays at 5 pm

Tuesday Message (on Facebook) - 6:30 pm

Wednesday Bible Studies - 10 am & 7 pm

​Thursday Young Adult Bible Study (Zoom Class) - 7:30 pm

Temporarily online or limited; children's is returning soon.

Generally, we have classes for all ages on Sunday mornings. Children from birth to 4 enjoy play and Bible stories in the Nursery.  Children ages 4-5th grade have fun learning about their faith in a "One Room School" style.   Youth 6th grade-12th discuss faith, Jesus, and the world using activities and projects to enhance their experience. Our youth program has exciting new activities; check out our Youth page for updated info. We have adult classes.  Some are lecture based, while others are discussion. 

Our classes are led by wonderful, experienced teachers who help you delve deep into the scriptures.

There are weekly Bible Studies which are held in person or online via Zoom on Wednesdays at 10 am & 7 pm and on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. 

The Bible Studies are led by our pastor, Rev. Teresa Atkins McClure.

Friends are invited.  For more information about these bible studies, please contact us.

Sunday School 

Calendar of Worship Events





To safely worship together outdoors, these guidelines will help us:

Service begins at 11:30 am. We ask that you arrive early so we may begin on time.
Volunteers will direct cars to their parking space. We want to allow at least six feet in between each car.
Cars will be parked in rows facing towards the pavilion.
Once parked you may join worship with one of these options.
OPTION 1: Remain in your car and listen through your car radio. There will be an FM transmitter. The radio station number is 91.3.
OPTION 2: You may remain in your car, roll down the windows and worship. We will have a sound system so that you will not need your radio.
If you choose to stay in your car, we ask that you remain in your vehicle at all times to maintain proper social distancing. You may roll your windows down to ensure air flow.
OPTION 3: Bring a lawn chair or blankets to sit on the ground. For this option we ask that you remain seated, wear a mask and stay distanced at least six feet away from other households. 
A record of your attendance will be taken for each service. We ask that you pre-register online. If not, a volunteer will take attendance. This is a requirement to maintain attendance records in case someone tests positive for COVID-19. This record will be used to notify the local health department and our district superintendent of someone in attendance who tests positive for COVID-19. If a positive case is confirmed, we will contact our District Superintendent to discuss next steps. You will be contacted if you attended on that day.
When service is over, volunteers will direct you on how to exit the parking lot.
ON the Second and Fourth Sundays at 5:00 pm there will be Drive-In Dinner Church, which will follow the same plan as Drive-In Worship at 11:30 am.
At the end of Dinner Church you will drive to a station set up with tables, roll down your window, receive your pre-packaged meal, and exit the parking lot. Volunteers will instruct you on how to exit.


Guidelines for Indoor Worship starting Sunday, September 27:

Park in the row next to the cemetery.
Wear a mask. If you don’t have one, we will provide.
As you enter the sanctuary, your temperature and attendance will be taken.
If your temperature is more than 99 degrees, you will be asked to return home.
Use the automatic hand sanitizer station in the hallway. 
Take a seat in one of the pews that are open. Households may sit together but distance yourself at least six feet from all others. Once seated we ask that you remain seated until the service is over, unless there is a need for the bathroom.
No food or drinks will be provided.
Congregational singing is discouraged at this time. Please enjoy the music and sing in your heart.
There will be no Greet One Another or fellowship at this time.
There are no cushions on the pews. If you need one, please bring from home.
There will be a basket on the table as you enter and exit the building for your offering. You may still give online. Your generosity is appreciated.

What You Need To Do

Prayerfully consider your tolerance and risk factors for attending Drive-In and Indoor worship. No one should feel pressured in returning to worship at this time. There are several virtual opportunities for anyone to join us online.
If you plan to attend Drive-In or Indoor worship, help us by following these guidelines: 
Register online at our website. This will help us with parking. If you are not pre-registered, a volunteer will take your attendance once you arrive.    
Please wear a mask. Participants older than 2 years old must wear a mask. If you forget, there will be masks available at the church. Adults who are not able to wear a mask for medical reasons are encouraged to remain at home and join us online. 
Playground will remain closed.
Transportation will not be provided.
Restrooms will not be available unless there is an emergency. 
Please plan to arrive at church a few minutes before worship begins. This will allow time for distancing and attendance registration. You can also drop off your offering and pick up holy communion elements or other needed information.
Please plan to dismiss and leave promptly following worship. As much as we would all love to FELLOWSHIP, we are asking you to refrain from FELLOWSHIP at this time.


We need your help to making our time together go smoothly. Patience and Flexibility are important. Worship and Bible study will look different from the way it did in March. But remember that the way things are done as we re-open will not be the way it will always be. We will return to more normal patterns of worship as conditions allow. Our goal will be to expand worship services, small groups and other activities as we are able.  Thank you for being you!